About Us

Meet Our Chairman: Mr. Subrata Saha

A Philanthropic Visionary and Charitable Leader

Mr. Subrata Saha also known as “kala” is not only a renowned businessman (hotelier) but also known for being a very active social worker since a very young age inspired by his father Late Jitendra Kumar Saha also known as “Chana” founder of Baba Loknath Mandir Dagapur Siliguri.

Mr. Saha’s work includes being the Secretary of Baba Lokenath Mission Dagapur Siliguri through which he has conducted various campaigns such as Blood Donation Camps, Eye Hospital for the under privileged Citizens who cannot afford expensive treatments, hospital for the disabled and physically challenged people.

He has also actively organized Animal welfare camps in association with Animal help line shelter. Mr. Saha is the founder of a Pet Friendly restaurant named as THE DOG VILLA CAFÉ which is the first of its kind food joint in North Bengal. Currently he has also been appointed as the Secretary of Bidhan Road, Babshayi Samity (Bidhan Road Business Association) also, being the Ex-president of Bidhan Market Babshayi Samity. Since the last 30 Years he is the elected member of Bidhan Market Babshayi Samity.

Meet Our CFO: Mrs. Sima Saha

Dedicated CFO, Homemaker, & Social Advocate

Mrs. Sima Saha, The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company is also a homemaker. She is a social worker and actively follows up on all the campaigns related to welfare of the unde-priviledged.

Meet Our Future Leaders: Ms. Sushmita Saha & Ms. Sunanda Saha

Driven by innovation and a commitment to excellence, poised to shape the company's legacy.

Ms. Sushmita Saha & Ms. Sunanda Saha are both daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Saha. Ms. Sushmita is a Law & MBA Graduate and Ms. Sunanda is a B.A. is English and B.Sc in Hospitality Management and Administration in IIHM.


Our Management

Mrs. Sima Saha

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ms. Sushmita Saha

Future Leader

Ms. Sunanda Saha

Future Leader

Our Awards

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At Ganpati Hotels, we are passionately committed to unveiling the breathtaking beauty of North Bengal to the world. We believe in showcasing the region's natural wonders, cultural richness, and diverse heritage to inspire travelers globally. Through our hospitality, guided tours, and immersive experiences, we aim to create a gateway for visitors to explore the enchanting landscapes, vibrant traditions, and hidden treasures of North Bengal. By fostering sustainable tourism and celebrating the region's unique charm, we strive to leave an indelible mark on every traveler, ensuring they carry the spirit of North Bengal with them wherever they go.

Our vision at Hotel Ganpati is to be the beacon that illuminates North Bengal on the global travel map. We envision a future where the serene tea gardens, majestic Himalayan peaks, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural heritage of North Bengal are celebrated and cherished by travelers from every corner of the world. We aspire to create an immersive and sustainable tourism experience, where every visitor not only witnesses the natural splendor of the region but also actively participates in its preservation. By fostering a deep appreciation for North Bengal's beauty, we aim to inspire a global community dedicated to the conservation of this precious treasure for generations to come. Through our hospitality and advocacy, we dream of North Bengal becoming a must-visit destination, where every traveler discovers the true meaning of beauty, tranquility, and cultural richness.

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